Display Units for CG Collectors

At the bottom of the page, you can find additionals decoratives items to add to your display!

You want to order a DISPLAY UNIT?
Only have to email-me HERE with the following information:

1- Your name/nickname (the one on your CGA Card)
2- Display Unit that you want + color
3- Your email

DISPLAY #001 - Wood
BROWN: This one is given when you purchase the CGA Card

SAND: Cost 3 Tickets

Green: Cost 3 Tickets

DISPLAY #002 - Stones
White: Cost 4 Tickets

Light: Cost 4 Tickets

Grey: Cost 4 Tickets

Black: Cost 4 Tickets

Sand: Cost 4 Tickets

DISPLAY #003 - Gothic
Pink: Cost 5 Tickets

Cyan: Cost 5 Tickets

Gold: Cost 5 Tickets

Black: Cost 5 Tickets

Decorative Item - Header
Stone: Cost 10 Tickets

Decorative Items - Certificates Frames
Avalaible for 2006 CGA Card and 2007 CGA Card.

Wood: Cost 3 Tickets each
(Green, Brown or Sand color)

Stone: Cost 4 Tickets each
(Sand, White, Light, Grey or Black color)

Gothic: Cost 5 Tickets each
(Black, Gold, Cyan & Pink color)