2017 CGA Collectors Cards

The "Claras Guardians Collectors" Card is for people
who want save money while collecting the Claras Guardians.

The 2017 CGA Card is 15$ CAN.

When you own the 2017 card, you also:
- Receive your Birhstone Guardian* (with you skin/hair/eyes colors)
- Receive various Exclusive* Guardians in 2017
- Receive a free Display Unit (#001 - Wood)
- Receive tickets with each purchased Guardians
* They are exclusive for the Cards owners, not avalaible to purchase.

You want to purchase a card? Simply email-me HERE
with the following information:

1- Your name (nickname) for the certificate
2- Your personal & your paypal email
3- Your website URL
4- You Skin/Hair/Eyes colors
5- You Birth Month
6- Did you read the Terms of Use?

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