About Claras Guardians
Created in 2003, Claras Guardians was individual guardians made on Elayna's Clara doll base.
Back then, they were in 4 categories: Elven, Witches, Fairies and Princesses.

In 2006, they are also separate in more groups:

- Regular : The regular collection are guardians avalaible 10 times.

- Uncommon : The Uncommons are guardians avalaible 6 times.

- Rare : The Rares are guardians avalaible 3 times.

- Unique : The Uniques are guardians avalaible 1 time only.

- Exclusive : They are guardians GIVEN to the Addicted Collectors.

- Events : Series of guardians on same theme and avalaible for a period only.

In 2007, Curtis Guardians join the Clara into duo serie.

In 2017, Special guardians have been added, avalaible 3 times only and can be purchased with tickets only!

Current Artists for the Claras Guardians Collections:
Elayna: Elayna is from Quebec (Canada) and own the Cassiopeia Web.
Elayna created the first Clara base in 2003, a second version in 2004
and recently the 3rd version, used for the 3rd Generation of her Guardians.
She draw Guardians since the whole beginning.

Previous Artists for the Claras Guardians Collections:
Loreleï (2006-2007): Loreleï is from France
and was the co-webmaster of Cassiopeia Web with Elayna.
She also a great artist and Claras Guardians Collections had been proud to have her in the team!

Shaniah (2006) Shaniah is from Belgium and is an artist on Cassiopeia Collections.
We have been happy to count on her for the Claras Guardians collections,
for the pleasure of the collectors!

Maybe you will be a part of the next Claras artists?
Each artist gain money of their guardians sold and
sometime done cooperative themes/works to bring more variety to collectors!

Any questions? Only have to email-me HERE

All Claras and Curtis Guardians are made on Elayna's Clara III doll base.